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We are specialising on the Cirrus training from the very first days of Alpha Aviation. Marek Babic - PLATINUM CSIP (Cirrus Standardised Instructor Pilot) was trained at Cirrus Headquarters at Duluth Minnesota, USA in 2011 to provide standardised instruction. Since we understand that pilot training is on-going process, we do not offer only flight training, we offer proficiency partnership. You will be trained consistently and will improve your skills through recurrent training. Training received from CSIP instructor is recognised worldwide to be the highest standard. There are variety of courses available ranging from initial transition training, avionics or powerplant difference training and recurrent trainings.




As we are official PLATINUM CIRRUS TRAINING PARTNER we have access to most up-to date training materials and procedures. Your will get training kit including Pilot Operating Handbook, Flight Operation Manual and Avionics Trainer for PC. The ground training is mostly completed with advanced interactive eLearning on CIRRUS APPROACH LEARNING PORTAL.  You will find tons of video and interactive system animations.

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Flight training may be completed on our SR20, SR22 or SR22T or your airplane as well. Using a standardized cirrus syllabus, we will learn you everything you need to know about flying on Cirrus airplane in easy and logical progression. We do not stop at normal operation or avionics use, we mainly focus on emergency procedures, system malfunctions and decision making so you will be ready if such situation occur during flight.

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We do partner with Cirrus Training Center Aero Poznan in Poland, so we can provide simulator training. The simulator provides great opportunity to save training costs while providing realistic and safe environment to practice any possible emergency. Sometimes training on the airplane is restricted due to safety or ATC reasons. However on the simulator we do not to worry about that and detailed emergency scenarios may be practiced. The simulator training experience is without doubt very useful. We recommend every pilot to practice on the simulator.




The recurrent training is essential tool to maintain and improve your skills and to regularly practice emergency and abnormal procedures to keep you sharp. Much like professional pilots in the airlines the recommended Cirrus Recurrent training syllabus consist of two training events per year (every 6 month) to cover all normal procedures, maneuvers, emergency and abnormal procedures and IFR procedures for instrument rated pilots. We will individualize recurrent training to focus on areas that you need to train the most. If you choose to partner with us for the training we will build your proficiency consistently with use of the recurrent training.

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