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Step up module by module to your ATPL Frozen.

Modular Flight Training offers you freedom to gain ATPL frozen at your own pace. You may vary order of some modules in your training path, however Alpha Aviation will provide you guidance for your training to learn effectively and also cost efficiently. If you choose to complete all modules in Alpha Aviation we will guide you in airline like environment from the very beginning of your training to become real professional. 

Training Structure

You will be completing these modules:

Private Pilot License

Night Rating

ATPL Theory

• Structured Time Building

Instrument Rating

• Multi Engine 

• Commercial Pilot License

• Multi Crew Cooperation

You will log at least 200 flight hours including plus approximately 50 hrs in the simulator

Entry Requirements

You can start your first module in any age of 16 and above. 

Training Airplane

You will start your training in fully equipped Cessna 172SP and end up flying Piper PA-34 Seneca. You may choose to try any type from our fleet including the most advanced general aviation aircraft ever built - Cirrus SR22.





If you are either enthusiast or businessmen, who want to use the aircraft for travel or just fun or you are dreaming of professional pilot career, the Private Pilot Licence (PPL) is the first step in your aviation training.

Our instructors are real-world airline, aerotaxi and charter pilots who will teach you not only the required minimum for the exams, but also the skills necessary to plan and execute international flights around Europe and deal with abnormal and emergency situations.

Training Structure

PPL training in Alpha Aviation carefully structured with 100 hrs of theoretical training integrated into 45 hrs of flight hours. Each theoretical lesson prepares you for upcoming training in the aircraft making your PPL training efficient and enjoyable.

Entry Requirements

You can start your PPL training in any age of 16 and above.

Training Airplane

Our primary airplane type for PPL training is fully equipped Cessna 172SP. But you may choose any aircraft from our fleet.

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You will be allowed to operate under visual conditions at night after completion of this short night training module. 

Training Structure

Night Training includes eLearning module, 2 hours of theory and 5 hours of flight training, where you will learn to fly cross-country, practice take off, landings and emergency procedures at night.

Entry Requirements

Holder of LAPL or PPL

Training Airplane

Choose any aircraft from our fleet.

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Instrument rating does not only allow you to fly in instrument meteorological conditions but also makes your travelling much more safer and comfortable.

Alpha Aviation will train you to be safe and efficient pilot in command on your trips around Europe. Be master of your time, do not let weather ruin your plans.

Instrument rating is also an essential step in the professional pilot modular training 

Learn from our real-world airline instructors who will teach you not only the required minimum for the exams, but also the skills necessary to plan and execute IFR international flights, but more importantly to deal with abnormal and emergency situations using the most advanced training methods.

Training Structure

Alpha Aviation runs unique IR training program which integrates theory into the practical training. This choice suits private pilots who want to obtain IR rating.

You can also obtain separate IR or ATPL theory training. See THEORY COURSES to learn more.

Training flight hours in our competency based training depends mainly on your progress and are not fixed to old-fashioned syllabus.

The training could be split between aeroplane and simulator. 

Entry Requirements

• PPL(A) or CPL(A)

• Valid SEP Land or MEP Land qualification

• Night Rating

• 50 hours as PIC on cross-country flights (Required before check ride)

Training Airplane

Every single airplane in our fleet is suitable for IR training. If you seek for economical variant choose Cessna 172SP. Cirrus SR airplanes and simulator are ready for those who want to get the most of their training.