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Alpha Aviation offers complete P46T/SET class rating program. The course contains

  • eLearning access for self-study

  • Ground school

  • 10 hours of FSTD training

  • 5 hours of ACFT training

  • The course is followed by Flight Examination.

Note: Reduced FSTD and AFCT training times applies for VFR only Class Rating.

This course will prepare you to safely and efficiently operate PA-46-500TP and handle potentionnal Emergency situations. We can also provide pilot for Line Training which is highly recommended for new pilots operating PA-46-500TP.

Alpha Aviation also offers rental of our Piper Meridian with our experienced pilot on board.

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To allow students to prepare for training and maximize training effectiveness we provide access to eLearning for initial and recurrent training events. The eLearning contains detailed system description, normal procedures, emergency procedures practice and flight planning. Each segment contains a short test to evaluate student knowledge. The eLearning safes time by allowing students to study in advance before scheduled training event, allow easy integration of system knowledge with abnormal and emergency procedures a prepare you for simulator training.

Each course contains ground school to review knowledge gained during self-study, explain difficult areas and prepare student for simulator and/or airplane training.




First part of training is conducted on PA-46-500TP FTD. This training device is equipped with full realistic airplane cockpit including real avionics, advanced visualization system, realistic airplane performance and system simulation. The FSTD training is conducted on carefully designed realistic flight scenarios, including ATC, weather and system malfunction. The FSTD allows for safe and effective practice of normal and emergency procedures for a fraction of cost of airplane training.




Following FSTD training the airplane training is required. Alpha Aviation operates PA-46-500TP with Garmin 1000 which is available for your training. The training introduces student to airplane handling and reviews mandatory part of P46T/SET class rating on the airplane. Following flight training the Flight Exam is conducted by Alpha Aviation Examiner.

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The P46T/SET class rating is valid for one year. Although no recurrent training is required when operating PA-46-500TP in private operation it is highly recommended for every pilots to keep crucial knowledge and skills to operate airplane in normal and emergency situations.

Alpha Aviation offers annual recurrent training program. Recurrent training reviews normal procedures, instrument operation and major emergency procedures every year. In addition the recurrent training covers all emergency and abnormal procedures every 3 years.

Normally the recurrent training is conducted on simulator with Proficiency check completed on airplane.


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