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Committed to Excellence


We provide distant class theory courses for ATPL, CPL, IR both for aeroplane and helicopter pilots. The courses are run in English and Czech language.



You will follow our exclusive self-study plan using combination of Oxford Aviation Academy textbooks, CBT and our eLearning system.


Classroom Consultation

Our professional lecturers will clarify your knowledge during classroom consultation which are scheduled for you on the weekends approximately every four weeks. You will receive your plan with all dates of your consultations at the beginning of the course, so you can organise your training together with your work or school study.


Progress Test

After the completion of self-study and consultation you will be enrolled into the final progress test for given subject in your eLearning account. When you pass the test, you will be directly issued a certificate.You can simply email it to the CAA and enrol for the exam.


CAA Exam

You can complete your CAA final exams during the course in Alpha Aviation. You do not need to wait till end of the course to visit CAA for the first time as it is done in other schools. We will guide you to pass all the exams at correct time during course duration making your course faster, more efficient and enjoyable.


For an economical price we offer you a real professional theory course ATPL.


What we offer you in our new course?

Primarily structured and organized teaching. The course is carefully designed with a logical sequence of subjects, sufficient time for self-study and fixed schedule of tutorials. Consultation take place on weekends so that you can combine the course with work or study.

At the best price we offer you the most important thing:

Maximum hours of consultation. Many schools only use a minimum consultation – 65 hours. However, we will provide you with over 160 hours of lectures and consultations. It’s not just a obligatory consultation that you have to sit for in the classroom to complete the course. We have divided more extensive subjects among more field specialists and added workshops beyond regulatory requirements (e.g. RNAV and PBN, Complex Piston Engines Management, CRM introduction...)

Together with the best price in the market 39.999 CZK we offer you other interesting bonuses:

  • For exemplary students we offer a discount for attendance at the course schedule and excellent study results (up to 3.000 CZK).

  • Continue with IR rating our flight courses and get discount on ATPL theoretical course. 

  • Rewards for referring a friend.

For more information, contact teorie(AT) Come and visit consultation of one of our ongoing course for free to see what you can expect from the course.

Download our booklet in Czech or English language.


Individual course

Contact us and we will organise any of our theoretical courses individually for you or for the group on your request.