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We understand that quality training, outcomes and experience are key to ensuring your success.

Alpha Aviation has been recognized for many years as one of the leading flight training organizations in the Czech Republic offering both training for the enthusiast and commercial training for those looking to take up aviation as a career.

One of our specialization is also well-structured training for those who want to use aircraft to travel for leisure or business around Europe. We believe that Cirrus aircraft suits this the best and that is why we cooperate closely with Cirrus company and our instructors are Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilots.

Established in 2011, Alpha Aviation  has its main operational base at Prague Letnany Aerodrome.




Marek Babic

CEO / Head of Training

Marek is very experienced instructor who founded Alpha Aviation in 2011. Qualified for: VFR, IFR, Multi Engine and Instructors trainings with total flight time of 5000 hrs of which 3000 hrs as an instructor . He is one of few Platinum Cirrus Standardised Instructor Pilot in the region. You can meet Marek as your Captain on flight with our Hawker 400XP.

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Martin Mašát

Chief Flight Instructor

Martin has experience in VFR, IFR, Multi Engine and Instructors training. Nowadays Type Rating Instructor on B737 with total flight time of 4500 hrs and 2200 hrs as an instructor makes Martin one of our most experience pilots. As Chief Flight Instructor he is responsible for standardisation of our instructors team and training of new flight instructors.


Richard Synek

Safety Manager / Flight Instructor

Richard has been with Alpha Aviation from its beginning. He is currently B737 First Officer and is qualified for: VFR, IFR trainings with total flight time of 3500 hrs and 1500 hrs as an instructor. Richard is also responsible for our safety system.


Martin Babic

CAMO Specialist / Office Manager

Martin has joined our team in 2013. He manages our office at Letnany is responsible for dispatching and CAMO. Martin completed his PPL training in Alpha Aviation and is currently studying to become a commercial pilot.

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Operations Manager / Commercial pilot

Filip was one of our first trainee. Showing his enthusiasm and skills, Filip has joined our staff team officially in 2015 as a dispatcher. Nowadays working closely with us on company expansion and you can also meet Filip on board as experienced commercial pilot.


Erika Hrubešová

Flight Dispatcher

Since joining Alpha Aviation, Erika has consistently brought a passion and dedication to the job each day. Amazingly energetic and driven, Erika quickly became one of the most beloved staff members at Alpha Aviation. Meet her in our dispatch office.



ATO Administrator

Eva loves aviation and with her knowledge, enthusiasm and joy she makes a very good job in managing every day ATO operation and also communicates with you, our customers.


Michal Řeháček

IT Specialist / PBN Expert

Every time well prepared pilot and lecturer originally developed our interactive PBN seminar and is now helping us to maintain all procedures related to PBN up to date. Michal doesn't hesitate to give us a hand with any IT issue.


Michal Táborský

Ground Operations Manager / Flight Instructor

Michal has joined our team in June 2015. Flies our flag ship Hawker 400XP as a First Officer and is also experienced and patient IFR and VFR Flight instructor. Michal has flown many types gain more than 1500 hours flight time.


Tomáš Chlumský

Flight Instructor

Very experienced VFR, IFR instructor and commercial pilot with more than 1300 hours experience as an instructor. Our students love Tomas for his emphatic and friendly nature. Tomas is also developing training materials you use during the training.


Lenka Babicová

Chief Accountant

Lenka manages our finance and is responsible for invoices, payments etc. She is anytime prepared to help you with any accounting issue.


Instructors, Lecturers

Instructors, Lecteurs

12 external instructors/pilots and over 30 theory lecturers.



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CZ/ATO - 28

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Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot

Platinum Instructor

Airplane Engine


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