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Integrated or Modular?

At the end of either training you will be holder of so called ATPL Frozen.  Integrated training suits those who want a straight line from the very beginning to ATPL Frozen - you will spend 18 months with us completing both theory and practical training in our unique program. Modular training is for those, who want to complete the training on their own pace in modules.

From the first lesson of theory till your final exam the professional pilot is challenging and demanding but also enjoyable experience.

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From the very first lesson you will be learning and operating in airline-like culture. There are no compromises in the Integrated ATPL training - every flight or theory lesson is specially designed for maximum learning efficiency and will just bring you closer to become a real professional pilot. 

Training Structure

The training is divided into 5 phases. If you complete all five phases you will obtain ATPL frozen. You may chose to omit fifth phase and obtain CPL/IR. 750 hours of theory training plus 25 hours of MCC theory is integrated into your practical training. Every time you will be perfectly prepared for your practical flight lessons. Five phases are:

• VFR Basics

• VFR Crosscountry

• VFR Pilot in Command

• Instrument operation

• Multi Crew Cooperation

You will log 201 flight hours including:

• 87 hrs Pilot in Command

• 115 hrs under instrument flight rules

• 21 hrs Multi Engine

• up to 55 hrs in the Simulator

Entry Requirements

You can start your ATPL integrated training in any age of 16 and above. 

Training Airplane

You will start your training in fully equipped Cessna 172SP and end up flying Piper PA-34 Seneca. You may choose to try any type from our fleet including the most advanced general aviation aircraft ever built - Cirrus SR22.




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